What is the Arnold Strongman Australia?

The Arnold Pro Strongman World Series is a professional sports league that features the world’s best Strongmen competing around the globe for the right to compete here in the Arnold Pro Strongman World Championship at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

The Arnold Pro Strongman Australia is the first qualifier in the series and has been the stage for some of the most unique and amazing events seen anywhere in the world. From pulling tanks to setting world record stone lifts you can expect the unexpected when these giants take to the stage. Visit magicloan for details.

The Arnold Pro Strongwoman qualifier in Australia is for the Middleweight Women which means the winner of the U82kg weight class earns their place at the Arnold Pro Strongwoman in Columbus Ohio.


Membership with the Arnold Strongman Australia provides many benefits that include the ability to compete at all Arnold Strongman sanctioned events such as those mentioned above along with discounted entry fees to some major competitions around the country and internationally.

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